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950FMA-Z-SQ Fiberglass Square Zero Edge Market Umbrella

The 950FMA-Z-SQ Fiberglass Square Zero Edge Market Umbrella is sleek and neat, providing a shield from the warm sun. The flat design of the zero-edge umbrella is complimented by the mix and match color options available for the umbrella and vent. Available options: One or two-piece fiberglass pole, or one-piece powder-coated aluminum pole.

Size: 9′ Square Market
Height: 98″
Mast Diameter: 1.5″
Weight: 20 lbs.
Materials: Frame – .750 Fiberglass Solid Ribs, Nylon Hub, Joints & End Tips, Stainless Steel Pin & Chain / Canopy – Sunbrella 9 oz. Marine Grade Acrylic Fabric

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