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Modern and dependable, Aluminum Furniture is known for its ability to blend contrasting styles while upholding outstanding comfort. Each piece of furniture provides utility to the environment without taking away from the destination you are looking to create. Our Aluminum Furniture collections bring an upscale look to any outdoor space.

Cast Aluminum

Rich with style, Cast Aluminum Furniture is a classic look for outdoor spaces with heightened personality. Whether you are selecting warm espresso finishes to compliment European designs, or pairing light seafoam accent pillows with a view of the water, Cast Aluminum Furniture turns any outdoor space into its own personal sanctuary.


For outdoor destinations combining a variety of styles, Admiral’s Hybrid Furniture collections blend innovative designs with the finest quality materials to create unique, eye-catching pieces that bring new life to your space. Created at the intersection of functionality and beauty, hybrid furniture designs are an effective way of highlighting the best parts of your outdoor space without compromising on either quality of style.


The unique multi-step finish of the Teak wood collections gives the natural wood a warm grey color, complementing our other collections for the perfectly curated coastal design.