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Bazaar SW6003-FT6030 Gravelstone (GFRC) Rectangular Fire Table

Extend your outdoor entertaining well into the evening with the Bazaar SW6003-FT6030 Gravelstone (GFRC) Rectangular Fire Table. Our Gravelstone fire tables are made with enduring GFRC to mimic the look and feel of concrete, with added resiliency to weather the elements year-round. Pair with SW6003-G4815 Rectangular Glass Surround.

Height: 17″
Width: 60″
Depth: 30″
Stacking: No
Material: Frame – Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

Table includes:

  • 10-foot hose to connect to propane (LP) source and clear Glass Beads media for the burner
  • Burner is made from 304 stainless steel featuring a pan burner
  • Burner is rated from 55,000 – 100,000 BTUs
  • Separate starter switch and flame controls
  • Set up for propane (LP) – Includes parts to convert to natural gas (NG) UL/CUL rated
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